About Us

Renee ZeeFitness to Nutrition was founded by Renee Zee. She studied fitness and nutrition in college, graduating with an Associate of Science (AS), in Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Services. Her passion is to help everyone she can to achieve their personal wellness goals.

As a busy mother of 6 for the last 21 years, she quickly realized that time could be a huge deterrent to completing tasks or she could find a way to “increase” her time.  As a working mother who regularly volunteered at her children’s schools, she was often asked the question: “How do you do it? “A self-proclaimed “organization queen”, she realized that her secrets to success revolved around being extremely organized and planning in advance.

This skill, coupled with her knowledge of fitness and nutrition, prompted her venture into a fitness and nutrition studio that focused on group exercise and nutrition consulting. She worked with over a thousand people in the first year to help them achieve their personal wellness goals. During this time she realized that she wanted to help many more people and the best way to do that was to recreate the same programs that she offered at her studio through an online platform. Fitness to Nutrition.com was transformed into a portal that would allow her to achieve this goal. She created the healthy meal plans and fun fitness plans featured on this site to make it easier for people to achieve their goals.